Rare People Week 1: James Connolly

Introducing Rare People; a series where we will hear all about what the people of Publicis do when they’re not busy making ads.

Big shoutout to Wes for photos.

James Connolly, Grad and Photographer extraordinaire, kicks off our series on Rare People around 82 Baker Street. 

How did you first get interested in photography?
A friend of mine couldn’t take photos for a university night and I said I could stand in – also I was 19 and it seemed kinda cool.

What’s your favourite photo you’ve ever taken (why)?
I go through phases of loving then hating all my shots… The B&W shots of my friend Ailing (below) in the shower with sunglasses is probably the closest. I love B&W portrait photos in harsh light – and she just looks like an absolute boss. . Fun fact – all my presets are named after the people in the photos I use to build the preset on. So that B&W preset is called ‘BW AILING’ as I made it when trying to get that sort of effect when editing.

James’s photo of Ailing taken in Vis

Favourite spot in London to shoot and why?
I like shooting down by the Thames – it lets you get some distance from big buildings, putting things in perspective.

What’s one rule for life that photography has taught you?
You’re not actually a better photographer when you’re drunk.

If the world was ending tomorrow and you could only do one last shoot, what/who/where would it be?
Vis, it’s this tiny Croatian island where I met some of my favourite photographers at the time.

Do you have any big projects coming up we should know about?
Heading out to the British Virgin Islands for a week in March to shoot for The Yacht Week – very stoked.

Why should we start doing photography?
I think it makes you appreciate the world a little more… some of the best people I’ve met and the opportunities I’ve had have been through photography. Also, when you’re bored and on a train with no wifi/data it’s fun to look through old photos.

Check out more of James’ work here